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insert side Divine attachable silicone nipples


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$65.00/pair sizes Destini 70 & Roxi 80

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Ultra realistic silicone attachable nipples from Divine Collection.

Hand crafted just for you, Divine Nipples are made in Canada. Designed to be worn with your favorite breast forms & enhancers, or on your body. 3D texture looks more like natural areolas, and silicone nipple looks and feels more realistic. Tapered edges blend more discreetly in to breast forms or your body. Made in Canada with 100% silicone. Washable and reusable. Easy to apply. Sold in pairs only.

Divine nipples ultra realistic silicone nipples


  • Stick to natural breasts or silicone forms
  • Will not stick to hair or leave residue on skin
  • Easy to position, wear and remove
  • Washable and reusable
  • Available in 7 sizes and 4 colors
  • 2 nipples (one pair) per box


Candi 35
Areola: 1 3/8 inches across
Nipple: 1/4 inch protrusion
Light Cinnamon shown

Misti 40
Areola: 1 5/8 inches across
Nipple: 1/4 inch protrusion
Light Cinnamon shown

Gigi 45
Areola: 1 3/4 inches across
Nipple: 1/4 inch protrusion
Chocolate shown

Lola 50
Areola: 1 7/8 inches across
Nipple: 1/4 inch protrusion
Chocolate shown

Lexi 60
Areola: 2 3/8 inches across
Nipple: 3/8 inch protrusion
Light Cinnamon shown


Lola 50 shown

Lola 50 shown

Light Cinnamon
Lola 50 shown

Lola 50 shown

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