Considering using Breast Forms over Reconstructive Surgery?

There are a number of reasons why Breast Forms are favored over reconstructive surgery. Breast forms have been identified as an important alternative to reconstructive surgery post mastectomy surgery. Reconstructive surgery is less advantageous because it requires further surgery for the patient to undergo. Not only must a patient go through one reconstructive surgery, but may require further operations in the future. Also, for patients with cancer, if doctors find that the cancer has advanced, breast reconstruction may hinder the treatment. Not to mention, implants have many side effects.

With some implants, most commonly saline implants, Capsular Contraction may occur. Basically this means that the scar around the implant has begun to tighten and is squeezing down on the soft implant inside. This can result in a negative effect by causing the breast to feel hard. These are just a few reasons why reconstructive surgery is not always favored. Surgery can, however have its bright sides. Many times a patient can have the reconstructive surgery directly following their mastectomy. This is very accommodating since they would not have to go under the knife twice; doctors would perform this procedure while patients are still under anesthetics. Implants are also preferred over breast forms because they are permanent and require less care.

Prosthesis, or breast forms, is an superior alternative to surgery. They reflect the approximate weight, movement, and feel of natural breast tissue. It is extremely important to have a properly weighted breast form because it provides the necessary balance for your body’s correct posture. Minimal problems occur when using breast forms. Some users have said that the breast forms can feel a bit heavy at first (American Cancer Society).

However, this does pass as you get used to wearing them. Also, some forms can cause slight skin irritation. This can be resolved by placing the breast forms into a bra with built-in pockets.

Common questions that arise include, when wearing a breast form, what kind of bra would I need to have? The answer is that you may wear any type of bra you wish. You can even wear the bras you were wearing before your mastectomy surgery. Many considering breast forms wonder whether or not others will be able to distinguish if they are wearing them. Breast forms are very inconspicuous to those around you. Since they are under your clothing they look no different from natural tissue breasts.

Aside from the initial heaviness at first, breast forms aren’t even all that noticeable to you, the wearer. Questions are sometimes presented regarding the possibility of wearing the breast forms while swimming. Not a problem! Most breast forms do well in the pool; even with chlorine. Swimming should not be a deterrent. As far as swimsuits go, there are many suits that will keep your breast forms hidden. A more revealing bathing suit may not be the best choice. However, a suit that covers more of your chest, will keep them unnoticeable to others.

Overall, we it’s obvious that there are answers out there. And for those who do not wish to undergo surgery again, there is an excellent alternative. Breast forms can match practically any body type and most any lifestyle . The downsides of using breast forms are fewer than those of getting reconstructive surgery. Breast forms are not permanent. They can always be changed to fit you and how you live your life. However, there are many options out there and all should be considered when making your decision. What makes you comfortable and happy with who you are, should come first and foremost.

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