Post Mastectomy: What’s Next?

Fighting breast cancer and having to undergo all of the treatment, is hard on your body and your psyche. After having a mastectomy patients can feel inadequate and less confident then they used to be. There are a few choices to be considered, such as reconstructive surgery and prosthesis. Prosthesis, or breast forms, is an important option for those who do not want to go through breast reconstruction. Some may not wish to undergo further surgery that the reconstruction requires. When considering breast forms, you should talk to your doctor immediately. Directly following your surgery you should receive a post surgery camisole. Your doctor will be able to tell you when you will be healed enough to consider your options of breast forms. The duration of this time depends on your medical condition, the type of mastectomy you had performed, and your post-operative healing process. When searching for the right breast forms, be sure to take your time and find one that is a good fit and comfortable for you.

The cost of breast forms can vary. Remember though, high price does not necessarily mean that it is the best product for you. Many patients wonder whether or not their insurance company will cover the cost of their breast forms. Most insurance companies should, in fact, cover all of the cost. Make sure you take a look at your individual insurance policy to see what they will cover and how you should make your claim.

There are a wide variety of breast forms to take a look at when trying to choose what is best for you. The two most basic characteristics of breast forms are that they can be non-weighted and weighted. The weighted breast forms are usually favored because they aid in the balance of your body and correct posture. Dependent upon the magnitude of the mastectomy that you have undergone, there are two key terms to notice when evaluating the breast forms. These important terms are asymmetrical and symmetrical. Asymmetrical breast forms are forms that can only fit one certain side of the chest. Symmetrical breast forms are ones that can be turned to fit either side of the chest. Be sure that when you are searching for your breast forms, that you take note of these differences(Woman’s Personal Health).

Many patients wonder what kind of bra they are going to have to wear with the breast forms. Conveniently, you can wear the same bras you were wearing prior to your mastectomy. If you don’t like that fit you can chose from bras with pockets in them in which you can place the breast forms. A properly fitted breast form will be unnoticeable to those around you. Breast forms should not hinder, or restrict, any of your normal everyday activities. Even swimming with your breast forms is possible. In case your breast forms feel a bit too heavy to go about some of your normal activities, lightweight or swim breast forms can be found if needed (American Cancer Society).

The struggle and disruption of life that breast cancer patients must go through does not go unnoticed. A solution, to the post operative battle your psyche must endure, is here. Whether it is going through reconstructive surgery or through obtaining prosthesis, there is a way you can feel more comfortable and confident with yourself. After fighting your way through something so intense you deserve to beam with the confidence of who you are..

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