How To Put Forms In a Regular Bra

  1. Lengthen the bra strap on one side.
  2. Pull the cup away from the chest wall.
  3. Insert the form from the inside top of the cup. Turn the form in the direction that best fills the bra cup and looks the most natural. Repeat on the other side.
  4. After forms are in place, adjust the straps on each side.
  5. Look at the fit. Both sides should match and the bra cups should cover the prosthesis completely. The prosthesis top tapers should prevent clothing from sinking in. Each form should fill and not bulge at the top of the cup; plus, the forms should settle into the bottom of each cup. The straps should not cut into the shoulders.
  6. If the forms are too big, too small, or do not fill where they need to fill, try another style or size of form.

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