How to use Double Sided Tape

  1. Peel the paper backing from one side of the tape and attach it to the form. You can use as many pieces as you need.
  2. Peel the paper backing from the other side of the tape.
  3. Hold the breast form over your chest and use a mirror to align it correctly.
  4. Press it firmly against your chest.
  5. When you are done wearing the form, gently peel it away from the chest.
  • The double-sided tape should not leave any residue on your skin or on the form. If you are having trouble peeling the tape from your skin or off of the form, use a little baby oil to help release the stickiness.
  • Breast forms are always meant to be worn inside a bra. The tape is only meant to help keep them securely in place.
  • Do not use double-sided tape on foam forms.
  • Wash forms with mild soap and water after using tape.
  • Always remove the tape when you are finished wearing the form. Do not add tape on top of tape that is already on the form.

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