Sizing Information

How do you measure bra size?

Figure Out Band Size

Using a measuring tape, measure underneath the bust to determine your band size. If the measurement is an even number, add four inches to calculate the band size. If the measurement is an odd number, add five inches to calculate the band size. That’s because bra sizes don’t come in odd numbers such as 35, so, for the sake of comfort, go up an inch instead of down an inch. For example, if you measure 29 inches, add five; your band size is 34.

Note: When measuring, try lifting the breast tissue up so the tape measure is snug on the rib cage.  Also, be sure it is not laying across your shoulder blades. It needs to be around the small of the back, where your band should lay.

If  your 40C is riding up, Truekare would recommend trying a 38D bra.

Be sure and try plenty of styles until you get a good supported fit because all bras fit a a little differently for everyone.

Figure Out Cup Size

The standard formula for figuring cup size is unreliable and only causes confusion. More often this leads to choosing the incorrect size. This is why Truekare recommends actually trying on bras to determine which cup size is best for you.

Important note: The actual size of bra cup varies with band size. As an example, the cup in a 34B is smaller than the cup used in a 38B.

Please don’t hesitate to contact customer service with any other questions you might have. We would be happy to serve you.

Breast form shapes and alignment in the bra

  • Triangle breast forms should be worn with the smallest curve at the top.
  • Oval breast forms (sometimes called teardrop) can be turned vertically or horizontally with the smallest curve (“wing”) toward the underarm and the widest curve toward the center. Turn them based on whether you want fullness on the sides, fullness up the chest, or depending on the dress you are wearing.
  • Asymmetrical breast forms (sometimes called classic) have a very special shape that is meant to be worn only one way. Each form is a left or a right. The big round curve on each form should be worn toward the center of the chest at the bottom, and the two little “wings” of the form fit near the underarm. The shape should closely match the cup of most bras. If it doesn’t fit well, you might have it turned the wrong way or on the wrong side.

At TrueKare, we believe that everyone should not only be happy with who they are on the inside, but also feel good about how they present themselves to everyone else.

Breast forms, though they only make a small physical difference, can change a great deal about how you feel.

Please don’t hesitate to e-mail us with any questions you might have.
We receive sizing questions every day via e-mail. “Which size would you recommend for me? I’m currently ….”.
We can usually point you in the right direction, and make you feel more confident about your choice.
Always try and include your current bra band and cup size, and any other pertinent size information by sending an e-mail to [email protected]