The Benefits of Taking the Time to Make Yourself Look Better

Making sure that you “look good” each morning surpasses the notion that taking the time to make one’s self look better is merely “shallow”. Taking that time to yourself each and every day is perhaps the most important thing you can do in your day to day life. Knowing that you look beautiful will leave you:

Feeling good

Who doesn’t like to feel good about themselves? I certainly do! Feeling good about one’s self is an instant boost to your self esteem and decreases any negative feelings, self deprecating thoughts and other destructive feelings you may otherwise experience.

Feeling confident

Confidence goes a long way in helping you in so many different areas. If you are dating and trying to find a man, the good news is that men love a confident and self assured woman who knows what she’s doing and what direction she’s taking her own life in. If you ‘re looking for that promotion at work, that feeling of confidence lets your manager KNOW that you have earned a promotion and that you can easily handle the workload of a different and higher position. Confidence makes you more attractive and appealing to everyone, so don’t be surprised if everyone suddenly wants to be in the presence of greatness (you!).

Knowing that you’re worth it

Women in particular seem to lose themselves in many different things, such as their children, their relationships and their job. Taking that time to shop for hot outfits and going to the spa to touch up your hair and doing your make up each morning is a good reminder to yourself that yes, you are worth the effort and you do deserve to pamper yourself.

How can I start this transformation?

I always tell women to start with their wardrobe. What have you been wearing? Are the shapes and colors of the clothes complimentary to your body? Splurging a bit on a well tailored suit and a great pair of shoes are worth the benefits you’ll get by feeling better about yourself. If you hate shopping or aren’t sure just want to be looking for, enlist in the help of a fashionable girlfriend or two – they’ll love to help!

Exercising is another key element to making one feel better about themselves. Not only will exercise naturally give you that rush of “happy feelings” (thanks to the hormonal endorphin release that exercise brings) but it also gives you a sense of accomplishment. Yes, you DID actually run those 2 miles today or swim those 10 laps at the pool, all thanks to keeping at it and staying focused on your goal (the extra pounds you lose as a result will put a smile on your face too).

Lastly, begin eating right. This isn’t important just from a weight loss stand point. Even if you are happy with your weight, if you are eating processed foods that are loaded with additives and preservatives, you are also taking in a lot of toxins that increase your chance of illness, slow down your mental processes, tire you out and can easily alter your hormones and leave you in a bad mood. Eating more raw and fresh foods will give your whole attitude a boost – naturally!

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