Water Filled Breast Forms & Push-up Pads

Is it true that silicone pads are really better than water forms?  Just ask a few of our customers who wrote us to say things like, “I will never again switch from Silicone Breast Forms to Water Breast Forms.  Last week I had the embarrassment of my life when my water breast form broke at the worst possible time.”  How is it that a breast form can break? A breast form is made with some type of filler (water, silicone, foam) that is encased inside a sealed plastic bag.  Of course a sealed plastic bag can always break.  But what determines how strong any particular breast form (or filled plastic bag) is?

Several factors determine the strength of a breast form:

  1. Quality or durability of the plastic used for the shell
  2. Quality of the sealing technique used to mend the bag together
  3. Firmness of the material used to fill the bag.  The firmer the material filler is, the less stress that is put on the seams of the bag.

Like any product, the easier you treat it, the longer it will last.  Treat your breast form hard enough and it will break.  Sharp edges on a bra, leaning to hard against something firm, lying on your chest, all of these could break a form under the right circumstances.  Using a good quality form and the right kind of form will reduce your chances of a break.  Surgical breast forms that are used internally are extremely high quality.  They also cost thousands of dollars.  They are individually tested to insure quality and durability.  It would be cost prohibitive to do the same kind of testing on an external push-up breast form.

So what can someone do to avoid an embarrassing situation?

  1. Be gently on your breast forms and replace them every year
  2. Use breast forms with fillers other than water.  Use only Silicone or Foam.

When a water filled breast form is squeezed, it puts a lot of pressure on the seams. When a silicone or foam filled form is squeezed, much less pressure is put on the seam. Finally, should a foam or silicone filled breast form break, the filling will stay mostly in the form.  Silicone is like a very thick jelly, and it does not easily come out of the shell.  Quick, temporary repairs can be made on silicone breast forms with simple household items like packing tape.

Truekare uses only strong well tested plastic shells on our forms.  The technique used to mend our forms together has been time tested.  Finally we use only genuine silicone filled breast forms for the most realistic feel and comfort.  This quality means more than just comfort though, it means confidence.  With Truekare, you won’t ever experience the embarrassment of a broken water breast form, that’s confidence.

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