When everyday is a big, baggy, sweatshirt day

You’ve listened to the self-help tapes; You know that it’s what’s on the inside that counts; You try to greet each new day with a smile and a positive attitude. However, leaving the house you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and the overwhelming self-doubt sets in. Many women start each morning like this and find it a struggle to get through their day. There are a multitude of things that we wish we could change about ourselves. In the course of our day we compare ourselves to other women. Once in a great while we are content with how we measure up to someone else. Nonetheless, most of the time we want “those legs,” “that flat stomach,” or “her breasts.”

It’s obvious this isn’t a healthy way to spend our days, but we cant help it, we’re women. Many of us go to great lengths to enhance our appearance and feel more confident. Though the all powerful use of make-up is, to some, a godsend, not everything can be fixed with a little cover-up. Action has to be taken. We cant just want this to be flatter, or that to be smaller, or these to be bigger. We have to work for it! How you feel about your body is important to your confidence and your psyche. Taking care of yourself is almost mandatory. Working out and living a healthy lifestyle can help you obtain the body image you want. Not only does your body show the results of exercise, but it also releases endorphins in your brain which make you happier more of the time.

Although, exercise will do a lot for you theres one area of interest that it doesn’t necessarily improve: breasts. It’s not that we need to have the biggest or nicest in town; It’s that we need to feel confident in our appearance. Being self-conscious in how we look is stressful and makes us uncomfortable. A lot of women are immediately drawn to having the “ Hollywood” surgery, breast augmentation. Breast enhancement surgeries entail taking time off to have the operation, some scarring, and the excessive cost that many cant afford. There is an alternative to this bank-breaking solution. The alternatives are breast forms. Breast forms, though most often used by post-mastectomy surgery patients, are the perfect solution to our confidence troubles. They are simple to use, painless, and less expensive. Also, breast forms are not permanent. So if at any time you feel you need a change, you can make it.

You may be thinking, well if they’re not permanent, am I going to be able to wear them all the time? And will people be able to tell when I am wearing them? You can wear them all the time and no one will be able to tell. Breast forms are very inconspicuous. They can be worn whenever. When we go out on the town for the night, or to the movies, or just to the store, we want to exude confidence. But, not only is it important for us to feel good around others, but its also important to feel good about ourselves when no one is around. Therefore, breast forms are made to be worn during our normal, everyday activities. These may include exercising and even swimming. Some breast forms can be worn during both of these activities. There are even lighter breast forms that can be worn for more strenuous activity. Breast forms are very versatile.

Hello, have we forgotten we’re women? Were not all the same shape. My body is different from your body, which is different from your neighbor’s body, which is different from her friend’s body. This taken into account, breast forms come in many different shapes and sizes. Some of these shapes include: triangle, pear-shaped, round, heart-shaped, and tear-drop shaped. Whichever, makes you the most comfortable is your shape. When purchasing breast forms in stores or online, the company will tell you just how to decide which shape is right for you.

Though breast forms may seem like they only make a small physical difference, we women know that small change can go a long way. Our confidence goes up, our self-esteem goes up, and our overall happiness with our lives goes up. Breast forms have many great qualities to consider. They are less expensive, more versatile, and have lots of variety. The most important attribute they have is that they can fill a void and make you more confident everyday.

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