Breast Form Adhesives

Some silicone breast forms include an adhesive back that can be used to adhere the breast form to the body. Generally speaking, this is attached by the manufacturer. When properly cared for, many of our customers tell us this adhesive will last a very long time. To make the adhesive last for as long as possible on your breast forms you should:

  • Clean the skin of all oils, dirt etc… before applying the breast forms
  • Do not wear forms during activities that involve heavy sweating
  • When not wearing the forms replace the protective plastic covering
  • When the breast forms become dirty, clean them with a warm soapy water and allow them to air dry.

When the adhesive has finally stopped working, we recommend using adhesive tapes or roll-on adhesives that are made specifically for breast forms. We recommend replacing your forms once a year. Find Breast Form Tapes

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