Breast Form Color and Realism

A lot of people desire their breast forms to blend in with their skin and look natural. It usually requires a custom made breast form to get a perfect match on color and complexion.

Most of the color in human skin comes from the pigment melanin. Melanin is packaged in special cellular containers called melanosomes. Its the differences in the number, size and nature of these tiny pigment-filled packages that are responsible for the many shades of human skin color. The human skin is said to have an infinite number of shades or colors. Even one individual can have several shades of color on their body. A different color face than say on their chest, arm, buttocks, legs, etc.

It would of course be impossible to make one breast form that would work for an entire race of people. Even with a custom made breast form, peoples skin shade will change from season to season.

Many people have asked about using makeup to change the color of the breast forms. Our forms are designed more for fit, feel and durability. The covering we use on our breast forms is a little glossier than human skin, but it is very soft, pliable and it lasts a long time. It makes for a great value. It also does not lend itself to makeup or other liquid coverings. We generally do not recommend using other products on the breast forms, because there is no way for sure to know if there is something in the product that could damage the breast form.

In addition to color, is the texture of the human skin. Human skin is the body’s largest organ. It is living organ, it breaths, it sweats, its pores release oil, its appearance can change from day to night. It is not something that can be easily replicated. It takes a Hollywood movie crew hours to color and blend a prosthesis. Every day that process has to be repeated, because a realistic product does not exist that will last for more than just hours.

In conclusion: The human body is amazing. It is impossible to replicate. Custom made breast forms are available. They may cost thousands of dollars and require a personal fitting. They still will not be like the real, living human body. A standard good quality breast form should look and feel great even though the color and texture is not perfect. Decide what it is your looking for in a breast form and what your budget will allow, and happy shopping!

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